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Walt Disney World complex is the most visited tourist destination in the world. This is due to many attractions, entertainments, shows, accommodations, facilities and services it offers. But let’s dispel a big doubt and common confusion ?there is only one Walt Disney World complex, and is located in Orlando, Florida; the other Disney parks are called Disneylands. Disneylands in the United States, Asia and Europe cannot even be compared in size or quality to the great Walt Disney World complex. For you to have an idea, the parks called Disneyland have only one amusement park, whereas Walt Disney World has 6 bigger ones and with a great variety of games; let alone the various activities that the complex offers outside the theme and water parks circuit.

Walt Disney World complex is divided into 6 parks: four theme parks called Magic Kingdom, Epcot Center, MGM Studios and Animal Kingdom, and two water parks called Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach. As a whole, the land is about 47 square miles (122 square kilometers). In these parks, the greatest attraction of this tourist destination comes from the magic of Magic Kingdom; the technology and culture of Epcot; the filming emotions from MGM; the wild life of Animal Kingdom; the gigantic pool of Typhoon Lagoon, and the high speeds of Blizzard Beach. However, though the parks are the center of the complex, these will not be discussed in this section since we have devoted a whole section to them. We will now discuss all the attractions, activities, services and shows that Walt Disney World offers outside the parks, which join the others to make the complex a truly world of magic, fun and relax where you can have great vacations.

Introducing all the options Walt Disney World offers besides its parks it is not an easy task; furthermore, it is a hard one that we will discuss in order to provide you with a little tourist guide for all the range of activities to be done outside the parks, in this dreamy destination.

Let’s begin with the outdoor activities. When you go out on vacations, you look for fun and relaxation, entertainment and outdoor activities, leaving aside the city noises and smog. Therefore, Walt Disney World offers you several activities to do under Florida’s warm sun. You can sail boats in beautiful lakes, go trekking or strolling through tropical landscapes, practice cycling, play football, volleyball, baseball, basketball and another sports we will mention later on to surprise you. Nonetheless, it is not only about practicing sports, you can also watch international high level sport tournaments with first class professionals.

When in Walt Disney World, you necessarily buy traditional objects. Be it to give as a gift or as a souvenir, buying a typical Disney’s product is hard to avoid. In order to make their acquisition easier, the complex has put a lot of shops around the parks where you can find thousands of Disney’s traditional products, and their most famous characters. Many times, the shops are not general but they are related to a given attraction, and only offer things related to it. But be aware that prices are highly expensive, not only as regards gifts but also as regards beverages and snacks sold inside the complex.

Not only will children find their place in Walt Disney World, but also grown-ups can experience the magic and fantasy of the wonderful world in the proper environment according to their age. Pleasure Island is the section of the land which is exclusively devoted to grown-ups. There you can listen to good music and have a drink in one of the many available night clubs. Every place has its own environment and particular music, and it is a great place to relax after a long day. If you travel alone, Pleasure Island offers the possibility of knowing people who are also spending their vacations in the same place. If you go with your couple, here you can both relax, far away from children and responsibilities.

One of the most amazing attractions is Disney Cruise Line service. It is the cruises float of Disney which takes you around the Caribbean in an entertaining, magical and fun atmosphere that only Disney can create. On board, activities are divided by age or to do with the family, to do outdoors or indoors. Among the great variety of activities that can be done on board while it is placidly rocked on the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea, we can find the Broadway-like theatrical show. Going on board this magical world is, in this case, a literal and charming proposal which is highly interesting.

If someone tells us he has gone on vacations to a place which has extraordinary amusement parks with games, animals, robots, shows, fireworks, surfing pools, slides of endless waters, sports, professional tournaments, sailing boats, first class night clubs and cruises around the Caribbean, we surely think they have had enough. However, Walt Disney World is not all about that, since it offers more activities and services to make of your stay an unforgettable memory for you and those who are with you.

In order to truly relax and be comfortable, to get away from city life tensions and the tensions caused by vacations, to refresh you body and breathe, Walt Disney World offers you an international Spa where you will find professional of relaxation, health and cosmetics at your entire disposal. In this center you will be able to get massages, reflexology, have an aromatherapy session, mud baths to rejuvenate your body and toning-up exercises. Being in this Spa will make you feel great when going back to your hotel or apartment in perfect conditions to soundly sleep and be radiant the following day.

Obviously, if you cannot relax in this way and you do not like sitting around doing nothing, Walt Disney World offers 99-hole professional golf courses so that you can enjoy, practice, have fun and relax away from daily tensions. Besides, for fans, on these courses there are first-line tournaments which you can watch, have fun with and learn from while being around professional players.

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