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This site is a practical guide for the tourist who wishes to visit the wonderful Walt Disney World complex. We want to offer you all the necessary information so that you are able to plan some wonderful vacations in this magical tourist destination. Many journeys tend to fail due to lack of planning, caused by the arguments and perplexities this generates, as a result of the inability to make decisions once in the destination. In order to avoid all this, we want you to be able to perfectly plan your vacations and have no problem whatsoever. Therefore, the goal of this site is to inform you about everything you need to know so that you do not leave anything aside and avoid all problems. Obviously, we are not telling you to take spontaneity out of your vacations or that you know right now what you wish to do in Orlando. We just want to keep you informed so that you know what to expect of your vacations. A simple example is the selection of parks ?there are many people who only visit some theme parks of Walt Disney World (due to lack of time or money) and it is very helpful to know what each one of them offers before leaving home, to be sure when buying the tickets.

The Walt Disney World complex is the most visited tourist destination in the world. Many people see in it a way to make their dreamed vacations true: to leave the real world. If that is your wish, Disney World is a very interesting alternative.

Walking round imaginary beings, dinosaurs and the characters of Disney’s movies is something you do not find everywhere. Each Disney park is, in turn, a world in itself ?the difference between the parks is really extraordinary and that is one of the greatest virtues of the complex: making a harmonious holiday center with really different possibilities. Besides, Disney has not only been thought for children; there are also a great variety of activities for gown-ups, such as famous Pleasure Island, cruises around the Bahamas, spas, golf courses, etc. That is the reason why this complex receives so many visitors annually: everybody finds something attractive there.

As the goal of this site is to guide and help you plan your vacations, we divided the information into theme sections, which deal with a specific topic each in order to be clear and not to get lost in the great variety of offers Walt Disney World gives. Let’s briefly review the contents of each topic, so that you can orderly and efficiently read the sections.

  • About Disney World: This is an introduction to all the infinite possibilities that the complex offers. However, what we present here is all the non-specific entertainment world of the parks, since they each have a section. In this section we will discuss what can be done when visiting the complex without mentioning the wonder of each one of the 6 parks which nowadays exist. We strongly recommend that you carefully read this section since the offer and variety can be a bit confusing due to its greatness.
  • The parks of the complex: As its name indicates, in this section we will discuss each one of the 6 parks of Walt Disney World. The main goal of this section is provide you with the necessary information of each park so that you can plan the order in which you are going to visit them, to be able to choose which one to visit or not, or to analyze the convenience of the plan due to the parks’ schedule and theme. For example, MGM Studios is a park that you better leave for last, since it has a lot of indoors attractions; if it is rainy, you can go there and you will not lose a day at the hotel or the rented apartment.
  • Staying in Orlando: This section shows the accommodation options the city offers. It is essential to find a good place to stay in order to have great vacations. "Good accommodation" means a comfortable, nice place that can be easily booked, and which offers a complete knowledge of the facilities to avoid any surprise. Obviously, we will not provide a description of the hotels, departments, condos, etc. in the city, but we will give you general information of each TYPE of accommodation so that you can decide which one is better for you. We will state the advantages and disadvantages of each one of them and we will provide the corresponding recommendations.
  • Moving around the city: Since the Walt Disney World complex parks are almost inaccessible on foot, it is highly important to choose a proper means of transport. You also have to consider the type of vacation you want. It is quite different if you want to completely rest and go to the parks, or if you prefer to visit the city, visit friends or relatives, etc. For each case, we will give the proper recommendations.
  • Pieces of advice for the traveler: Finally, we will provide you with a series of pieces of advice. We offer specific pieces of advice for Disney World and also general indications as regards traveling.

We wish you a happy vacation. We want to thank you for choosing us, and we strongly wish to be as helpful as possible. Welcome to this site. We invite you to surf this Web page, which has been thought for you.

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