The parks of the complex

Walt Disney World complex has 6 completely different amusement parks. In each of them, you will feel in a different world. These 6 parks are divided into 4 theme parks and 2 water parks. The former four are Magic Kingdom, Epcot Center, MGM Studios and Animal Kingdom, whereas the other two are Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach.

Magic Kingdom:

It was the first park to be built in the Walt Disney World complex. Here there is the famous Cinderella Castle, which is considered as a symbol of the park and an insignia of the complex. The concept of this park is fantasy. Walking around it, you will come across the famous characters of Disney’s new and old movies. These characters walk around the park and play with children, they take pictures with them, and some of them take us on a tour around their houses. The park is divided into 7 fantasy countries with a noticeable difference among them. Children will love Magic Kingdom, since they will be able to interact with their favorite Disney’s characters, which they tried to hug on the TV so many times, and now they will be able to do so as much as they want. However, even though, undoubtedly, this is the park which children will like the most, Magic Kingdom does not leave grown-ups aside. Furthermore, if we think of games and attractions, this is the place with the greatest offer in the complex. Magic Kingdom could be compared to an amusement park since it is, from all the parks, the one which resembles to it the most; however, it is much more than that. Splash Mountain and Space Mountain are two classic and famous games which combine magic and adrenaline. For example, Splash Mountain is for children and it can be pretty dull for grown-ups, but this is part of the game system. After a few moments in a dreamy trip with soft music inside a tunnel with scenery at both sides and daylight in front, you believe the trip has ended and that you have lost precious time queuing in order to enter the attraction. However, when we are into the light, we realize we are high up, and the trunk falls down a slide three times, steeper every time. It is an old attraction that keeps on moving guests who like strong emotions.

Epcot center:

It has been built after Magic Kingdom. As Cinderella Castle represents its predecessor, Epcot Center is known, around the world, by its gigantic globe. The main concept of this park is knowledge; it is a highly pedagogic place. Epcot is divided into two worlds: Future World and World Showcase. The former is the one dedicated to technology. You can interact with the latest technological advances, to which most people have no chance to have access to in their lives. Theme simulators, Virtual Reality and robots are just some of the offers of Future World. Certainly, it is a place devoted to grown-ups since children will have no interest in these things, but grown-ups will be fascinated feeling like one of the characters of their Nintendo, Play Station or X Box. The latter one, World Showcase, offers a cosmopolitan journey round the cultures Disney considers to be the most important ones. As a matter of fact, the greatest interests are the local meal restaurants where you can have dinner at accessible prices. Maybe, the most attractive thing at Epcot Center is a show called llumiNations: Reflections of Earth, a very captivating laser, music and fireworks show. Of course, the show is performed at night and this is one of the reasons ?added to the restaurants? why Epcot receives more visitors after 4 pm as opposed to the other parks in the complex.

MGM Studios:

It was the third park to be built in the Walt Disney World complex. The concept of this park is a cinematographic one. Besides being a theme park, MGM is a real filming set, where you will be able to watch a shooting. MGM is related to Disney live-action movies. Like Magic Kingdom has shows, parades or games, and attractions directly related to Disney’s animated films, MGM offers the same but related to live-action movies, such as Pirates of the Caribbean. The shows conducted in this park are truly amazing. The most striking thing about them is that they are introduced more like a movie than like a play; i.e., special effects and explosions are like those we see in the movies or on TV, and even better. When you see a truck exploding just before your eyes and feel the flames heat on your face, emotions begin and last until you leave MGM. One of the most famous shows of the park is that of Indiana Jones called Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular. Here you will see the adventures of this hero throughout shootings, explosions and endless action. The plot continues and the tension increases until reaching a maximum peak when the protagonist is chased by a huge rock which is about to crash him. Of course, you may think you have seen the movie and the show several times on TV; however, watching it live, with the action, special effects and wonderful atmosphere going on, they renew the emotion this scene creates. Even though the park is in a filming set and its theme concept is cinematography, it not only offers shows. One of the most thrilling games of the complex is in MGM Studios: The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. It is an old Hollywood building where we take an elevator up to the 13th floor. When reaching it, one of the sides of the elevator opens and, through a glass, we have an extraordinary view of the park. Suddenly, the window closes, some noises are heard and we fall down 13 floors, screaming out of joy and fear, which will be one of the strongest experiences we can live in the complex.

Animal Kingdom:

It was the fourth and last theme park to be built. Animal Kingdom is divided into three zones ?the real zone, the imaginary zone and the extinction zone. The first one has real animals from all around the world in their natural habitat. The most interesting feature of this zone is the feeling of being somewhere else in the world and the emotion of being surrounded by wild animals. One of the most interesting attractions of this real zone is the safari in the African savannah where we are into an all ground vehicle, which takes us among the animals which live in Africa. Unfortunately, it is worth mentioning that the safari is exclusively to watch or take photographs ?under no circumstance is it allowed to hunt the animals, hurt them or chase them. Their welfare depends on Walt Disney World. The imaginary zone is a fantastic world with incredible beings that live in it. The amazing lands are the creation of imagination and they will make us feel inside a science fiction movie. The extinction zone takes us to millions of years ago to show us how dinosaurs lived when they ruled the Earth, and how they disappeared. In a pedagogic and thrilling way, it relates the story starred by advanced robots about how a meteorite falls and destroys all pre-human life on Earth. Finally, we find Discovery Island, a place where you can interact with exotic animals, such as lemurs, Galapagos tortoises and titi monkeys. Children will be thrilled ?and also will grown-ups? by having these beautiful and funny animals which they can hold and stroke, always with care and respect.

Typhoon Lagoon:

It is the first water park to be built in the Walt Disney World complex. Typhoon Lagoon’s concept is to plunge into the tropical landscape. The greatest attraction of this park is the gigantic and incredible artificial lagoon located in the center of it. In there the most important artificial waves are created. The guests of the park will be able to play and have fun as if they were in the sea. But the importance and power of this attraction is such that at certain time of the day, guests must leave the pool so that surfers can practice the extreme sport on the powerful waves of the 1-hectare artificial lagoon in Typhoon Lagoon. Another incredible attraction of the park is Humunga Kawabunga, a ship stranded on the top of a frozen volcano. When sliding on any of its three slides, the guest will come down what is similar to 5 floors in just a few seconds. Due to the fact that Florida is a sunny state all year long, the possibility of being surrounded by water, slides, gigantic pools and tiny artificial beaches is a truly irresistible option.

Blizzard Beach:

This was the last park to be built in the complex. The concept of Blizzard Beach is to slide. As opposed to its predecessor, in Blizzard Beach there are no great amounts of water, since the idea is not plunging into but using it to slide through slides, and reach great speeds which will make the visitor smile all the time due to the water ?that mixture of speed, adrenaline and security which the main element offers. Blizzard Beach tends to use floats to slide through the various slides it has. Mount Gushmore is the outstanding attraction of the park. This slide is 28 meters high- (90 feet) and goes through the center of a snowy mount making us slide by curves, downs and ups which will throw us, happy and anxious to repeat the experience, into a pool which damps the fall and receives us to cool ourselves under the Floridian sun.

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