Moving around the city

Moving round the city is quite important during your vacation. Walt Disney World parks are almost inaccessible on foot and you will need a means of transport to take you from the place you are staying to the complex, and back to your hotel or apartment. There are two ways to move around Orlando.


They are special means which pick you at your hotel and take you to the park you want to visit. When the day is over, they bring you back. The advantage of this means of transport is that you can forget about driving and finding a parking space ?hard task to do in the Walt Disney World complex. For those traveling alone, vans can be a very good place to meet people who visit the same place and maybe they stay at the same hotel too.

Rental cars:

Next we will mention the requirements and suggestions to rent a car.


Be over 21 and have an over 2-year driving license. In some cases, people under 18 can rent a car but they may not do it during vacation time. People over 75 rarely can use this service.


There is a mandatory insurance which they will always charge you. Some credit cards cover this basic insurance for their clients. However, the best would be to temporarily transfer you car’s coverage to the one you are about to rent, since basic insurance is merely a formality other than a security for you.


It is charged per day or per week, and it is usually paid half in advance. Most rental car agencies do not take cash as a payment method, and only a few take debit cards. In order to rent a car, it is essential that you have a credit card. Usually, the biggest cars ?and not the most luxurious? are the most expensive ones.


  • Credit cards: Many credit cards offer several discounts to their clients for renting a car.
  • Membership: Many different clubs have discounts on renting cars. Find out of which clubs you are a member, since many times one tends to forget some eventual subscriptions, and find out if any offers this kind of discount. Being a member of a rental car club will give you great benefits.
  • Hotels: Some hotels have agreements with rental car agencies to offer discounts to their guests.
  • Airlines: If you manage to travel by an airline associated with a rental car agency, surely you may have an important discount.

The issue with the gas is always tricky. There are three ways to make an agreement as regards gas, but neither of them is a good one.

  • The first one is to take the car with the tank full and pay for it at a price per galloon, which corresponds to the values of the area. But, of course, you will not bring the car without any gas, and therefore the original payment will be in vain.
  • The second one is to take the car with a full tank and bring it back in the same conditions. In this case, the problem consists in returning the car with the tank not fully filled, and for each missing gallon they will charge you a lot.
  • The third one is to take the car as it is without knowing if it is full or not. You may end up winning, but it is a rather huge bother.

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