Staying in Orlando

In this section we will give you the accommodation options most relevant to the city of Orlando. We want to provide you with information about each of them and offer you the advantages and disadvantages of each option, so that your stay is as nice as possible. We recommend that you ?regardless of your accommodation option? call the place you are staying in to confirm that everything is all right or to make the reservation.


The best choice are hotels for those who hate doing households. Being a guest in a hotel, you can forget about doing laundry, cleaning the room or cooking. Orlando has a great variety of hotels with a great range of prices ?with only a few inquiries, you will find the hotel which best suits your budget. From economic to luxurious hotels, the city is full with them in order to lodge the great number of visitors to the parks and Universal Studios.

Hotels within the complex:

These are the hotels within the Walt Disney World complex. The advantage of staying at one of these is that you have discounts on the parks, you can enter an hour in advance and you do not have to queue to enter. However, as opposed to common hotels, the hotels within the complex are not many and have an extraordinary demand. That is the reason why, if you think of staying at one of them, we recommend that you make the reservation in advance to make sure to get a room.


They are furnished apartments which are rented per day. This type of accommodation is quite common in Florida and it is ideal for those who love privacy. Even though condos do not have the advantages of hotels as regards households, it provides privacy and security; no one will enter your room while you are renting the place. For those who also go to visit some relatives besides visiting Walt Disney World, these apartments are ideal since you can receive visitors, cook and spend a great moment with friends or the family.

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