Advices for the traveler

  • Many employees in Disney parks speak several languages, and if you are patient enough, you will always find somebody who speaks your language, and who can understand you and advise you.
  • All parks in Disney have wheelchairs for disabled people and strollers for babies. If you do not find these articles, contact some representative and they will give you what you need.

  • Orlando has two airports: Orlando Stanford International Airport and Orlando International Airport. The average temperature is 86ºF, and rainfalls are very common and do not last long.
  • Walt Disney World's parks open at 9 AM and close from 6 PM to 12 AM, depending on the park and the season of the year. Animal Kingdom has a different schedule ?it opens and closes earlier due to operative issues. You can check the every day schedules at Disney's official website or by phone.

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